Walk Through Walls in Among Us Explained: What Is This Glitch & How To Do It?

Among Us has slowly risen to be one of the top streamed games in this time of the pandemic. From senators to celebrities, everybody seems to be enjoying this fun new multiplayer game that involves deceit and perception to win.

If you have been playing Among Us for a while then you might have noticed some players being able to walk through walls. This is not a feature in the game, nor is it an ability that you can unlock within the game. So how do people do this? Let’s take a quick look at it.

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What and how can people walk through walls in Among Us?

Among Us has a very well documented glitch that allows people to walk through walls. This allows crewmates to never be killed but in turn, you won’t be able to perform any tasks. Additionally, once you’re in the walls, there is no way to escape them. And if somebody spots you, there is a high chance that they will vote you out or report you to the devs.

Moreover, there are various mods available for Among Us that not only allow you to walk through walls but gain additional advantages including being invisible, no-kill cooldown time, increased speed, and much more.

But using these mods not only poses a moral dilemma but also creates a high chance of you being banned from the game, especially if you are using the Steam version. Through these two methods, players can easily walk through walls. Additionally, if you are the imposter then doing this poses no significant advantage. You won’t be able to kill anyone as you will be in the walls but sabotaging will end up becoming notoriously easy.

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Walking through walls in Among Us: Can you also do this?

Yes, you can also do this if you are keen to surprise your friend with this glitch. We recommend doing this in only private lobbies and within your friends. Using this glitch in public rooms can result in being kicked from the room or getting banned in worst-case scenarios.

how to walk through walls in among us

How to walk through walls in Among Us?

You can’t per se walk through walls using this glitch but you can get inside walls and walk wherever you like. Coming back out would be whole another story. The best place to use this glitch is the Medbay doors in the Skeld map.

You have to stand in the door frame near the edge where the wall towards Security/Upper Engine begins. Then if you are the imposter you can close the doors yourself or wait for the imposter to do so. Once the doors close, they will push you into the wall, whereupon you should be able to walk anywhere you like.

This glitch has also been tested in other locations where doors close with less success compared to medbay. Another location to try this is the electrical room. You will need to stand near the wall that goes to the Storage area in Skeld and wait for the doors to close. This does not work every time but when it does, it allows you to walk anywhere you like.

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How can one walk through walls but should one use mods?

Well, you will have to use mods — something that we don’t recommend. The mods that YouTubers use are developed by their trusted developers, hence it is with little to no risk to them. Additionally, YouTubers only use such mods in private games which reduces their risk of getting banned drastically.

But the mods that are publically available on the internet are currently riddled with malware and ransomware which can put your private data at serious risk. It is not worth installing untrusted mods especially if it is only a cool gimmick like walking through walls.

You will be visible to others when you do this and there is a 99% chance that it will get you kicked out of the game.

Were you able to glitch the game to help you walk in the walls? Did you install a mod? Share your views with us below.


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