Verizon to provide access to Amazon’s content on upcoming Android devices

Verizon and Amazon have teamed up to provide access to the digital retailer’s content ecosystem on upcoming Android devices, and the newly announced HTC Droid DNA will be the first device to benefit from the partnership.

Through a dedicated app, users will be able to sign in to their Amazon account and access the entire library of content of Amazon’s, including books, apps, movies, music, and even physical products. With the massive collection of content available on Amazon (larger than Google’s not counting apps), this will no doubt be a boon for customers of Verizon’s upcoming Android devices, as they will be able to grab content from both the Google Play and Amazon ecosystems.

The first device to come loaded with Amazon’s “app suite” will be the Droid DNA as mentioned, and while some might call this a move by Verizon to add more bloatware to the software on their devices, I’d say this is actually useful bloatware and a great service for Verizon customers.

What do you guys think?

Introducing the Amazon app suite for Android