Amazon Fire TVs can now create and showcase AI-Generated Artworks

Amazon has introduced a new AI Art feature for its latest Fire TV lineup to create AI-generated artwork for your display. The feature is powered by Amazon’s Titan Image Generator which converts your input prompt into a picture you imagined.

If you’re wondering how you enter a prompt into your Fire TV, your guess is right – it’s using Alexa. All you need to do is long-press the Alexa button on the Fire TV remote and use your voice to ask Alexa to create a background based on your idea.

You can say something like “Alexa, create an image of cherry blossoms in the snow” and your TV will generate a set of four images based on your input. To help find inspiration, Amazon has listed a few prompt suggestions that you can check out from here

You can pick out your favorite from the generated images and set it as your TV background or save it to your Amazon Photos library. You can enhance your creations by adding artwork modifiers to your voice prompt like pixel art, oil painting, watercolor, colored pencil, and Cubist. 

The AI Art feature is only available on Fire TVs that support Ambient mode which currently includes the Fire TV Stick 4K Max (2nd Gen) and Fire TV Omni QLED Series. As for the availability, you can use AI Art if you’re in the US but we expect it to be available in other regions once it’s out of the public preview phase. 

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