VS98726B: Verizon LG G5 receives Android 7.0 Nougat update too

Verizon has begun the Nougat OTA rollout for its LG G5 users, with the update coming in at size of 1672.6MB. A changelog from verizon isn’t available yet, but we can see from the screenshots that it does packs in few extra features.

First of all, and biggest outside of the 7.0 upgrade itself, is the themes introduction. Moreover, you will also have ability to restore images deleted up to 7 days back. That obviously means device won’t delete them from SD card when you simply delete it, and will use Recycle bin kind-of folder (hidden, perhaps) to keep them stored for restoration when needed.

LG also replaced its own LG downloads with Android’s own Downloads app. The software version of the Verizon LG G5 update is VS98726B, and is based on Android 7.0 build NRD90U. Verizon today joins T-Mobile, US Celluar and Sprint as regards G5 Nougat update in US, while international and Korean variants have their own Nougat update out too.

If you own the LG G5 at Verizon, hit up Settings, About device, and then system updates section now to look for an OTA update.

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