Notes App Will Get Live Audio Transcripts Through the iOS 18 Update

What to know

  • The Notes app will soon get the ability to record and transcribe audio instantly on the app. 
  • The feature is not going to be powered by Apple Intelligence, and will thus be available to more users through an upcoming iOS 18 update.

Apple Intelligence will soon power tons of feature on your iPhone. However, there are certain upcoming features that won’t require that level of AI capabilities, even though it might appear as though they do. 

This is the case with the Live Audio Transcripts on the Notes app. The feature, as its name suggests, will record audio and give you a running transcript of the content that’s being recorded.

That means, you’ll soon be able to record audio and have the transcripts available instantly, and without having to upgrade to the latest iPhone. This is a big win for not just students but anyone who has to take down notes on a regular basis. 

Since Live Audio Transcripts won’t be powered by Apple Intelligence, there will be fewer hardware restrictions to run it. As such, it will be available on most devices that support iOS 18. Live Audio transcripts is currently not available but is expected to arrive soon, even sooner than Apple Intelligence. Stay tuned for both as they’re going to be massive updates not just for users of the Notes app but iOS 18 itself. 

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