Traverse through Google’s data centers using Street View

After covering million of miles of streets across the globe, with its Street View cameras, Google has now turned them inwards pointing at itself, and offering the world a virtual tour of its own data centres, which is in a literal sense, where most of the internet resides. The nest part is that you can take the virtual tour of a Google Data centre entirely through the Street View plugin for Google Maps. Cool, isn’t it?

The truth is that there are probably just a handful of people, including Google’s own employees, who have ever stepped inside one of Google’s data centres, and rightly so, because of the tremendous amounts of sensitive data from all over the internet which is contained there.

In fact on it’s new website Where the internet lives, you can take a look inside and see some awesome pics of what can be called the physical internet. And I must say, it looks like something straight out of a science fiction flick. You can even check out some of the people who make the place click, and read about them, and have a look at some of the numerous data centre’s Google deploys across the world.

But the coolness element lies in being able to take the virtual tour inside a data centre using Street View. In fact, if you can pin the Google Data centre in Lenoir, North Carolina, you can not only walk around it but also take a stroll inside, and check out some really awesome and ominous looking server setups, as well the some of the facilities that the folks who work there get to enjoy during play time.

So go ahead and check it out on Street View, this is not an experience to be missed. For once, since it has to do with Google, I am not going to post a guide here, and would want you to ask Google themselves, how you can check out their data centres.

You can however, check out this short video which gives you a heads up on what you’re seeing in Street View:

[youtube video_id=”avP5d16wEp0″ width=”620″ height=”400″ /]

Happy touring, and let us know how you liked the Google Data centre.