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Google Play Store update 13.2.19 available for download now

Play Store's new recommended feature

Play Store is now prompting users to install previously used apps

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Google Play APK 12.6.11, 12.6.12 and 12.6.13 released, available for download

Google Play Store APK

Latest Play Store APK version 12.5.15 and 12.4.30 hit download

Google Play Store updates 12.4.14 and 12.3.30 hit download [APK]

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Play Store update 12.3.19 now available for download [APK]

Play Store version 12.2.13 APK available for download now

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Google Play Store APK version 12.0.20 now available to download

Google outs a new update to the Play Store app as version 12.0.19 [APK]

How to fix stuck downloads on the Play Store and streaming apps like Hotstar and Gaana

play store accessibility settings

[Update: 11.8.09 too] New Play Store 11.7.29 available for download [APK]

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New Google Play APK versions 11.7.11 and 11.6.19 available for downloads

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Grab the latest Play Store APK v11.6.15 now

Google releases a new version of the Play Store app (11.4.15 APK download)

Google Play Store updated to version 11.0.20

New update 10.7.19 for the Play Store is available for download [APK]

Google Play Store app crashing? Here’s how to fix the errors

Pokémon Quest for Android is available for pre-registration on the Play Store

[APK] New Play Store version 10.6.08 now available

Download the latest Play Store app APK, version 10.5.10