Latest Play Store APK version 12.5.15 and 12.4.30 hit download

Google Play Store APK

Over a week ago, we got hold of two Google Play Store updates to versions 12.3.30 and 12.4.14. Whether this is the new thing or not remains unclear, but as it stands, we have two more updates that bump the Play Store version first to 12.4.30 and then to version 12.5.15.

It’s likely that the second update contains fixes for issues discovered in the first update, so be sure to grab this one before thinking otherwise. In some cases, issues experienced might not be universal and if for some reason the newest version doesn’t work out for you, be sure to grab the other version, as listed below.


As already indicated, these are APK files, meaning they must be installed manually. It’s easy, but of course, feel free to consult our page on how to install APK files on Android, just in case you get stuck somewhere along the way.

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