[APK] New Play Store version 10.6.08 now available

Last Wednesday, we reported about a new version of the Google Play Store 10.5.10, which we even provided an APK download link. Today, we have a similar link to the latest version of the Play Store, which has number 10.6.08.

We don’t have the new version’s changelog, but from the changes in the version number, it seems this one is another of those updates that bring multiple bug fixes and performance improvements to the previous version.

So, if you have been experiencing any issues when using any of versions 10.5.10 and before, the latest Google Play Store 10.6.08 APK download is what you should grab right now.

Here’s the download link:

Download Google Play 10.6.08 APK

For instructions on how to install APK files on your Android device, hit the link below.

How to install APK files on Android devices

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