Google Play APK 12.6.11, 12.6.12 and 12.6.13 released, available for download

Google Play Store APK

Update: Two other versions of the Play Store, v12.6.12 and v12.6.13, have just surfaced and like the other, we have the APK download files, too.

[Original post] Hot on the heels of version 12.5.15 that came out a few days ago, a new Google Play Store version is now available for download as an APK file.

The popular app store is now receiving an update that bumps the build version to 12.6.11 and like other updated versions before it, we have a ready APK file that you can grab and install on your device right now. We don’t have a changelog, but judging by how quick the new update has followed the previous version, there should be plenty of bug fixes in the new version.


Installing APK files on Android devices is very easy, but don’t shy away from consulting our page on how to install APK files in case you bump into a hitch or two.

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