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Get Full Battery and other Pre-defined Battery Level Alerts with the Battery Reader Android App

Download Google Keyboard in various Colors: Blue, Black, Green, Red, Onyx, Purple, Orange, etc.

Google I/O App updated for 2013, brings loads of new features

ZipInstaller lets you Flash a Custom ROM, Gapps, Boot Animation or any flashable zip file in recovery pretty easily

Compress Images to reduce size and save space using Img Compress Android App

Get the Sony Xperia Z Calculator App for your Xperia device

BootUnlocker: Lock and Unlock Bootloader of Nexus 4, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 10 as and when you want

New Sony Launcher App, v5.1.S.0.0

Satis Toilet by Lixil comes with an Android App!

Time your projects and tasks with Swipetimes Time Tracking

speedflasher app

Calculate speed using your phone camera with Speed Flasher Android App

Twitter Android App updated, brings pinch-to-zoom feature for pics

Lockitron Home Door security lets you manage doors using an app or web, and authorize other users and their time limits

Delete image thumbnails on your SD card easily with an Android app, Thumbnails Files Deleter

Want Recycle Bin on Android? Install the Dumpster Android App — allows you to undelete files, too!

Find Best Android Apps and Games With Playboard Android App

Like Android Homescreen Customization? Check Out SSLauncher!

How to Install Google Ears from Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Android 4.0+ Devices

Firefox for Android Updated, Brings Performance and Stability Improvements, Flash Support and More

Take Burst Photos on Your Android Phone with Fast Burst Camera Lite App