Lockitron Home Door security lets you manage doors using an app or web, and authorize other users and their time limits

Are you the kind of person who is prone to get locked out of his/her own home because you left your keys in, and is feeling embarrassed on that count? Or are you the kind of person that dreads carrying your front door keys in your pocket for fear of scratching that shiny new Android touchscreen you just acquired? Doesn’t matter if you’re either, coz you need not look any further than the Lockitron!

The Lockitron is an adapter that mounts on existing deadbolt locks to transform almost any lock into a smart, connected lock, controlled by an Android device. The Lockitron is not a lock per se, but, for lack of words, is an additional, though, non intrusive device that can be installed over your existing lock. Once installed, all you need to do is install the Lockitron app on your Android phone and you can control entry to your door from anywhere. What’s more, you have the ability to share access with family members and friends, and even define the time duration for which the access needs to be allowed, both being an immense security plus.

So if you’re the  kind of person who tends to forget your keys back home, it’s no big deal anymore! Just don’t forget your phone and you should should be good to get back in. And even if you do lose your phone, log into your Lockitron account on web and change/remove the phones authorized to open that precious door. Moreover,, you can also set permission for other members of the family (making their a legitimate users) and for convenience’s sake, can limit the access based on time, for example, your small kid won’t, or shouldn’t, be needing the access to open the door after 7 p.m. or so.

For the price of $149, it sure is one great Android-based accessory for your home. Those interested can pre-order the Lockitron home door lock security solution now, here.

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