Compress Images to reduce size and save space using Img Compress Android App

It’s a known fact that for those that keep too many photos and images on their smartphones, the size of these images can sometimes become a problem, leaving no option but to move them off the device or use a computer to convert them into a smaller size.

But thanks to a new app called Img Compress, you can now downsize images right from your Android smartphone without the need of a computer. You can select a single or a number of images and convert them all at the press of a button, no fuss, no muss. It’s also possible to press the share button in any app and then select Img Compress for quick conversion, so that you don’t need to open the app first.


Img Compress also includes a few configuration options. You can change the location of the folder where images are saved after conversion, set a custom file name for converted images or overwrite the original ones, and also set the compression rate.

It’s quite a simple yet effective image conversion app and if downsizing images is something you often do, you should definitely download Img Compress. There’s both a free and $1 pro version, with the former having a limit of 42 conversions on the first day and 3 images each day after that.

Hit the links below to download Img Compress from the Play Store.

Download: Img Compress Free | Pro ($1)