Satis Toilet by Lixil comes with an Android App!

Android may be being used in a great deal of devices, but today we have news of a really odd use that Android has been put to – Tokyo-based Lixil has come up with Satis, a Bluetooth-enabled toilet that can be controlled via an Android app called “My Satis”, and the toilet has been launched in Japan, a country which is no stranger to such technology-enabled bathrooms and commodes.

Using the app, users can flush, raise or lower the toilet seat, and activate a bidet jet stream (yes, the Japanese use the hygienic method of wiping their behinds with water), all at the touch of a button. The toilet also has speakers through which music can be streamed from the app, and also monitors usage history to give users an idea of how much electricity and water they are consuming each time they answer nature’s call.

The app also includes a calendar, letting users keep track of their daily habits, which can certainly be helpful for health reasons. Oh, and the toilet can also detect you as you approach it and set water pressure and other settings accordingly, for a greatly personalized toilet experience.

The Lixil Satis will be available in three models from February 2013, with prices ranging from ¥199,500 to ¥389,550 (~ $2,385 to $4,657). Android has become the most popular smartphone OS in the world, with almost a three quarter market share, and it is good to see that its applications can be put to such uses as well.

Via: The Verge