Take Burst Photos on Your Android Phone with Fast Burst Camera Lite App

Android 4.0 brought along an improved camera shutter speed as first seen on the Galaxy Nexus, which lets one take multiple pictures continuously without a break due to zero shutter lag, which was later seen on newer devices like the HTC One X or the Samsung Galaxy S3.

But thanks to the Fast Burst Camera app for Android, you don’t need either of the above mentioned devices or a camera with zero shutter lag, as it lets you take up to 30 photos in a second (5-10 photos for low-end phones) in burst mode on any Android device. You can hold the shutter button for continuous pics or tap on the shutter button for a single photo.

Due to the photos being taken at a high-speed, the app doesn’t take pics at the full resolution, so that’s a limitation you must bear if you want to take pics at a high-speed. But other than that, the Fast Burst Camera app is pretty good, so try it by downloading it from Google’s Play Store here.