Calculate speed using your phone camera with Speed Flasher Android App

speedflasher app

Here is an intriguing app which helps you calculate any object’s speed using the camera of your android phone — or tablet if you are not shy of using a tablet’s camera in public, which sure looks odd. Anyway, the app’s name is Speed Flasher and you need Android 2.1 or above to be able to use it.

Before we head to see how the speed recording is done using this nifty app, let us advice you that it’s NOT recommended to use this app on streets since some people might feel offended by it. So, be careful with that. Moreover, the use flashlight on camera might distract the driver and cause unwanted things.

So, how does this app works. Well, in order to correctly use the app, you need to set some parameters.

First, kind of fix the camera at some place (hold it if you want and don’t move it), and enter the viewing width (horizontal length) of the camera view in meters. So that it knows how many meters it has in view which it would need to calculate speed based on the time it took an object to move in that definite area. Remember that formula, speed = distance/total time?

Now, if you want, set the maximum speed limit. In case the maximum limit is touched, a flashlight is activated (it is optional to make flashlight blink, use wisely). After this, moving pixels on screen are to be entered (in %). This way you can adjust the sensitivity of motion detection.

The measured speed and noise volume decibel are shown on the display of the mobile device. Easy and straightforward, the Speed Flasher App is definitely one unique app. Try it now, and share your results and thoughts and the app’s work-ability in comments below.

However, if the app crashes on your phone, that is you get the Force Close message while using this app, we recommend you take it up with the developer of this app via this app’s page on Play Store, since he’s been quite quick in ironing out the issues. Don’t give a poor rating just for that, you know.

Tip: Make sure that your mobile is absolutely wobble free and the display resolution is higher than 480 X 800. So, just don’t wait, use this app today and go speedy!

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