Like Android Homescreen Customization? Check Out SSLauncher!

There are a lot of launcher apps available for Android on Google’s Play Store, which provide customization of homescreens to a level which stock/default launchers do not allow, resulting in some really cool looking homescreen setups when people put their minds to it. Launchers like Go Launcher, Launcher Pro, ADW Ex, APex, Nova, etc are all quite famous launchers thanks to their high customization possibilities.

Enter SSLauncher, a launcher that has been available for quite some time but is not that popular. If you thought the above mentioned launchers have great customization, you’ll be amazed by what SSLauncher offers. Perhaps its best feature is that there are no grids or aligning of shortcuts and widgets on the homescreen. You can place them anywhere and everywhere you want on the homescreen and even make them overlap each other, as SSLauncher allows completely free placement of items.

Check out the features of SSLauncher:

  • Light (1MB) and blazing fast
  • App Drawer Page on Homescreen
  • Freely customizable Icons on Homescreen AND App Drawer
  • Scrolling vertically on every page if you want it!
  • No more Desktop Visualizer – easily re-size your Icons and make awesome tiles!
  • NO MORE GRIDS! Freely align widgets and shortcuts, even with Overlapping!
  • Pretty much every feature you could ask for!

There’s no doubt that SSLauncher provides a totally different experience compared to other launchers. What’s more is that the theming possibilities are quite extensive, and XDA Forum Member Ravensysteam has posted a tutorial for some of the functions. Head over to the tutorial page on XDA to find out how to customize some things in SSLauncher, or just hit the link below to directly install SSLauncher from the Play Store.

Download SSLauncher


  1. its awesome, liking it

  2. its awesome, liking it

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