[Update 6: LG G Flex 2] Sprint releases Stagefright fix for Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S5, Note edge, Nexus 5 and Nexus 6

  Update 6: Sprint LG G Flex 2 (August 27, 2015)
Sprint LG G Flex 2 Stagefright fix also rolling out now, version LS996ZV8.
  Update 5: HTC Desire 816 (August 21, 2015)
Looks like Stagefright fix is now hitting the mid-range devices at Sprint, starting with HTC Desire 816 on software version 2.33.652.5
  Update 4: Galaxy S5 Sport (August 21, 2015)
Sprint Galaxy S5 Sport Stagefright fix also rolling out now with an OTA update, build G860PVPU2BOH1.
  Update 3: HTC One M7 (August 17, 2015):
Sprint HTC One M7 is now receiving an update with Stagefright fix and performance improvements, software version 6.23.651.7.
  Update 2: Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 Spark (August 12, 2015)
Stagefright fix for Sprint Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 Spark (TriBand edition) now also rolling out, with build numbers N900PVPUEOH1 and L720TVPUCOH1, respectively.
  Update: HTC One M8 and M8 Harman/Kardon edition (August 11, 2015)
Sprint HTC One M8 and M8 Harman/Kardon edition also receiving Stagefright Fix with software version 4.25.651.18 and 4.25.654.18, respectively.

Sprint is releasing a mass rollout for the Stagefright security bug to a number of devices from Samsung and Nexus 5 & Nexus 6. The Stagefright fix first appeared on the Sprint Note 4 5.1.1 OTA update that released only a couple of days ago.

For the unknown, Stagefright vulnerability allows an attacker to send media files through MMS to any Android device and target Android’s media playback engine, Stagefright, to steal important data, as well as hijacking the device’s microphone and camera.

The vulnerability doesn’t even require you to open the MMS file, an attacker can compromise your device without you even knowing about it. This is really a serious security bug that all Android users should be worried about.

Thankfully, Google released a patch for the Stagefright vulnerability within 48 hours of its discovery and to Sprint and Samsung for being one of the first companies to release a patch for the security bug.

Below are the devices which received Stagefright fix today from Sprint today via OTA updates. We recommend you to install this OTA update as soon as you can if it’s available for your device.

  • Sprint Galaxy S6 – build G920PVPU2BOGA
  • Sprint Galaxy S6 edge – build G925PVPU2BOGA
  • Sprint Galaxy S5 – build G900PVPU3BOG1
  • Sprint Galaxy Note edge – build N915PVPU4COG1
  • Sprint Nexus 5 – build LMY48I
  • Sprint Nexus 6 – build LMY48I
  • Sprint HTC One M8 – version 4.25.651.18
  • Sprint HTC One M8 Harmon/Kardon edition – version 4.25.654.18
  • Sprint Galaxy Note 3 – build N900PVPUEOH1
  • Sprint Galaxy S4 Spark (TriBand edition) – build L720TVPUCOH1
  • Sprint HTC One M7 – version 6.23.651.7
  • Sprint Galaxy S5 Sport – build G860PVPU2BOH1
  • HTC Desire 816 – version 2.33.652.5
  • Sprint LG G Flex 2 – version LS996ZV8

The OTA updates for the above said builds are already rolling out, if you haven’t received the update notification yet on your device then check for it manually from Settings » About phone » Software updates section.

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