Samsung Galaxy X to launch in Q3/Q4 2017, but may be unveiled at MWC

Galaxy X Release MWC

The future of foldable phones is upon us, folks — as the latest rumors have it that Samsung is all geared up to give us a real glimpse of it this year, when it could release its first foldable display in second half of the year, in the Galaxy X.

That’s a new series for Samsung too, and comes with a super duper X factor: how the foldable mobile phones would change our mobile phones and out interaction with them will be a thing to witness in next 2-3 years at the least.

Though, we’ve got Galaxy S8 cuteness before it, as Samsung looks to make up for the lost reputation thanks to Note 7 fiasco. We knew Samsung was up for foldable phone release in 2017, while LG’s foldable phone, which is being in partnership with Google and Apple, may be announced in 2018.

There is good chance we will see the Galaxy S announced this year: maybe before Galaxy Note 8, maybe after that. Rumors has it that 2017 release is only possible if things go according to plan, otherwise there is good chances the Galaxy X gets on the display at MWC 2018. So, yes, MWC 2017 remains boring for Samsung fans, even though today’s rumors paint them a little hope, revealing that Samsung could release few units of Galaxy S8 beforehand, mainly for display at MWC, while the launch is still set for mid-April 2017.

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