Galaxy X: New Samsung patent gives us clear view of foldable device

Remember those futuristic movies wherein people carry ultra compact smartphones with holographic projections, and makes you wonder when would we, in the real world, get to have our hands on such tech. Turns out we aren’t that far, in fact technology has exponentially advanced and in a couple of months we could be seeing Samsung integrate foldable displays into their smartphones.

No this isn’t some crazy rumor or the other. Samsung, LG and a few more OEMs had been dabbling with bendable display tech for quite a while now. The image shown above reveals Samsung’s patent for a fold-able smartphone rumored to be the Galaxy X.

Though they sound and look cool, you may wonder if extending the display is such a big deal as we’re making it out to be. Well, it actually is since the device receives more surface area here and more surface area means more battery juice and less-thicker device. But it remains to be seen how Samsung will tackle this and bring out the alleged Galaxy X.

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Samsung sure does have a lot of aces up its sleeve with the latest ace being the flagship Galaxy S8. And they really want to keep things secret with Samsung stepping up security to prevent any more leaks on the upcoming flagship. The S8 will be seeing an official launch by April 18. As for our fascinating fold-able Galaxy X, we could expect it to come out around mid 2017, fingers crossed.