LG Display partners with Google and Apple for out-foldable displays

According to a new report from Korea, LG Display is partnering with Google and Apple to develop out-foldable displays. The report states that LG Display is already working on these out-foldable displays for smartphones.

These displays come into mass production in 2018 and potential buyers include Apple, Google and Microsoft. It is possible that future iPhones or Pixel phones would feature such displays, allowing for more screen real estate without increasing the footprint, but we may not seem them until 2018 or 2019.

LG Display would be competing with Samsung, who is also supposed to be working on foldable/flexible displays for smartphones. However, LG would seek help from Apple and Google who were reportedly looking to release the foldable phones in 2018, as those companies have several patents for foldable displays.

LG has some expertise with foldable displays, as they had showcased a tablet device with two 7 inch displays that fold out at CES 2013. The future of smartphones is going to be very good, specially with the use of foldable and flexible displays.

Source: ET News

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