Here’s a photoshopped Galaxy Note 8

A screenshot of the Galaxy Note 8 has popped up online, but before you explode from ecstatic excitement — although you won’t if you read title correctly — take a closer look and you’ll find that the image above is a nice Photoshop work.

This comes from the very source that leaked the Galaxy S8 render earlier, which many believed could come true, although knowing deep down that something was shady with the image. Now, it seems the leaker is having his share of due fun, as he just showcased his Photoshop skills by doing the S8-like editing for the Note 8, while intentionally revealing the source of his base image, which is Note 7 in this case.

Anyone familiar with the tech world has a good possibility of knowing Marques Brownlee, AKA MKBHD and yeah, those are his hands. It’s obvious that this image has been modified from MKBHD’s review of the now retired Galaxy Note 7. Yes, purposefully.

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This is the second occurrence of a photoshopped image of the upcoming Galaxy smartphone. The first being one for the Samsung Galaxy S8, which upon close inspection also revealed flaws leading us to question the ingenuity of the leak.

Now that the flagship is slowly getting closer to the launch date of April 18th, we are seeing more of these false renders. We may find the number of actual leaks to be less this time as it looks like Samsung is really keen on not letting the cat out of the bag by tightening security at the company.