Galaxy S8 Edge is a real thing, S8 Plus to be a third Galaxy S8 variant then?

Well, this one comes from strangest of news sources, if you can ever call error log that. We can, it looks like. No really. We’ve have had plenty of news coverage about upcoming Android devices thanks to Weibo, where our Chinese friends keep posting exciting stuff, but today Weibo itself became the source of the news — and it hits jackpot right off the bat, as thanks to the error log report of the official Weibo app, we now know that Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge are under testing right now, with the model no. being SM-G9500 and SM-G9550.

It’s other way round actually, we’ve known model no. of upcoming Galaxy S8 sets for long now, but this one particularly settles the fact that the larger variant of the Galaxy S8 would be called Galaxy S8 Edge, and not the Galaxy S8 Plus, unless they both exists, which would be a cool thing , too.

The screenshot at the top shows the Weibo error report coming from a device identified as SM-G9500, and dubbed as Samsung Galaxy S8, while the one right below is from SM-G9550, the Galaxy S8 Edge.

The screenshot basically provide us with the following info:

  • Weibo app’s version which logged the error (6.12.2 in this case, which is the latest version of the app right now. See screenshot from play store below)
  • Device model no. (should be from build.prop, here, it is SM-G9550/9550)
  • Android OS version (in this case, looks like S8 is currently running Nougat, while S8 Edge is making do with Marshmallow, but both ran into error anyway)
  • Connection type (Wi-Fi in this case, WLAN)
  • And the device name (should be from build.prop, Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge from the two screenshots)

So, that confirms the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge. What about the whole deal of Galaxy S8 Plus, then?

If there is a third Samsung Galaxy S8 device, the S8 Plus — one with S-Pen — it would be cool, right? As per rumors, Samsung has it under plans at earlier stages of Galaxy S8 Plus, but later shelved it aside, and, as it stands now,  may make the S-Pen available as an accessory.

Though, going back to October 2016, we had reported a pic (below) that revealed that Samsung could be planning for as many as three Galaxy S8 variants. Only if we get another one from Weibo error log, this might have real chance of becoming true.

What do you think about the Galaxy S8, S8 Edge and S8 Plus?

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