Galaxy S8 Plus with 6.x-inch display looks confirmed deal

The 6-inch Galaxy S8 is something we’ve been hearing for a long time now, and today’s report out of Korea almost confirms it. The report says that the 6-inch Galaxy S8 Plus would be dubbed as Galaxy S8 Plus, while the regular Galaxy S8 will feature 5.x display.

This is the first time a flagship device will be given a 6-inch display, as even the Note series hasn’t hit that big on the display yet.

Is regular Galaxy S8 a 5-inch device?

Well, no. And truth be told, if you know Korean, then you can help us here. The above image has exact display dimensions (like 5.1, 5.7, 5.5) for Galaxy S flagships of the past (S6 and S7 sets) but for the Galaxy S8, it just says 5 (without decimal) but has added text in Korean after the inch text which is common on the column.

Same for Galaxy S8 Plus display of 6inch. Maybe be 5.7″ and 6.2″ rumors we heard earlier will hold true after all.

We really don’t expect Samsung install a 5″ display on regular Galaxy S8, because rumors point to greater screen-to-body ratio in play for the Galaxy S8 sets, which would even make 6.2″ Galaxy S8 look and feel like Note 7, or the S7 Edge, so a 5.7″ Galaxy S8 with that ratio would totally make sense — giving us body size of S7, almost.

Galaxy S8 Plus with Stylus?

More interesting rumor from the today’s package, though, is about the stylus and Galaxy S8. It says there that Samsung initially planned Galaxy S8 Plus with a stylus, and even had worked it up, only deciding later on to drop the Stylus support, and keep it exclusive to Note series.

Which means, even though it didn’t need much confirmation, that Note series is alive, and Note 8 will keep S-Pen exclusive to it.

Other Galaxy S8 Rumors

Other highlighting Galaxy S8 features that have been rumored so far suggests of a fingerprint sensor on back of the device and use of Y-Octa display tech (from Note 7) to help build a compact device.

Some Galaxy S8 specs have also been rumored in the recent days. Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB RAM, 12MP camera on back and a 13MP selfie shooter are said to be on board.

Galaxy S8 Release Date

Recent rumors have it that Samsung is looking to do extra testing and all for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, because of the Note 7 recall yes, which is resulting into delayed launch for the Galaxy S8. April 2017 release is what is being talked right now, thus.

Even the Galaxy C5 Pro release has been delayed from January 21 to mid-February 2017, to fill the gap between S8 and C Pro devices’ release, as C7 Pro release remains on target for January 21.

Update [December 23, 2016]: There is another report from the same website which confirms all of the below, plus, it also reveals that as Samsung would be ordering the part in January next year, it would be difficult to receive the parts and assemble the phone for launch in MWC in February next month.

Source: MK Korea (2)

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