Galaxy S8 to use Note7’s Y-Octa display tech

Galaxy S8

According to a new report, Samsung may use the same display technology that was used in the Galaxy Note 7 for the upcoming Galaxy S8. The now-recalled Note 7 used a special display tech called as Y-Octa for saving extra space.

This technology can save a little bit of space by integrating the touch sensors directly onto the display panel. Using this process also helps in reducing the size of the display controller. Usually, the sensors are placed on a thin film below the front glass.

The Galaxy Note 7 had one of the best displays on a smartphone, ever. It featured HDR10 compatibility, which is normally only available on the latest TV sets. If the Galaxy S8 also uses the tech, then you can expect a truly amazing display on the next flagship. It is the tech of the future, as HDR10 content isn’t widely available yet.

The report also says that only the smaller Galaxy S8 will use this technology, while the larger S8 Plus or Edge will not. Other rumored S8 specs include a bezel-less display with no Home button, the latest Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB of RAM, improved cameras, and more.

The Galaxy S8 is set for release in March 2017, with the announcement pegged for February 26, 2017.

Source: ET News

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