Samsung Galaxy S9 is already in the works?

Samsung has pulled up its socks and working at a lightning speed. It has just announced its 2017 flagship smartphones Galaxy S8 and S8+. The global release will be taking place on April 21st. These smartphones are yet to hit the stores, and Samsung has already begun work on Galaxy S9, the successor to S8.

As per a new report coming straight out of Samsung’s home country, work on Galaxy S9 began sometime in late March, which we believe should be post Galaxy S8 launch. The report further adds that Samsung has already deployed a team to work on the display panels for Galaxy S9 with aims to supply samples from mid-April.

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Citing an unnamed source, the report said:

About a month after the display, other key parts such as modules are expected to be developed in phases.

Samsung is likely to launch Galaxy S9 in two variants — 5.8- and 6.2-inch screen models. This leads us to guess that both the models will be named S9 and S9+ with different storage options as well.

Notably, with work begun on Gaaxy S9, Samsung is 6 months ahead of schedule compared to last year. The reason behind this hurried pace is the strengthened quality control process deployed by the OEM after last year’s Note 7 fiasco.

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Meanwhile, the report also threw light on the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 which ‘is expected to feature the largest 6.32-inch screen for Samsung’s premium lineup’. It is further speculated to sport a front fingerprint scanner within the display as a virtual on-screen home button.

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  1. with all the narrow bezel design wonder what the next S-series Beast will bring, may be the flexible display… I don’t know, only the time will tell!!

  2. Beginning with the iPhone and now the Android devices, it seems with a new version, all OEMs are preferring to launch larger size devices, unless flexible displays are on us, I don’t think much of the masses will prefer a 6.32 inch screen device, even with an Infinity display.

  3. Wow that’s super fast but I ain’t complaining. With all the time they have, they can research and create more advance technology for the S9. Totally looking forward what will hey come up with. For the meantime, I’m going to amaze myself with the current technology of S8.

  4. Hoping that for the S9 they can integrate the fingerprint scanner into the screen instead of at the back right next to the camera.

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