Best Galaxy S8 and S8+ Accessories

Now that the beautiful Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are finally official and ready to go on sale on April 21st, you must be excited to know about the accessories that it supports. We’ve got you covered.

Talking about accessories, they are great. Accessories not only increase the value of your gadgets, they level up your productivity and enhance your mobile experience.

So, let’s do their window shopping.

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Here are some of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ accessories that you should definitely consider buying.

Fast charge Battery Pack

Since limited battery continues to be a problem for even premium devices, Samsung has launched its own power bank for Galaxy S8 and S8+. Currently available in two decent colors – navy blue and white, with a material handle at the top, the power bank for Galaxy S8 and S8+ known by the name Battery pack has 5100mAh battery.

Interesting features of Battery Pack:

The cool part about the Samsung’s rather low on capacity battery pack is that it would fast charge your Galaxy S8 in a whip. Though the claim that it would charge the S8 multiple times seems kinda stretched to us, and if you are really looking to relying a lot on the portable charger, 5100mAh may easily fall short. Another cool thing we like about Samsung’s battery pack is that it itself fast charges as well.

So, yeah, if you are happy with charging your S8 for once (and a bit more) and then let the charger get its juice back up fast, it’s good for you. And need we tell you, how cool it looks.

Buy: $59.99

Dock + Wireless charger

The premium Samsung devices have been enjoying wireless charging for a while now. But the thing that makes S8 wireless charger different is, that it not only functions as a wireless charger but, thanks to the textured finish of the pad and the convenient ridge, it also acts as a stand for your device.

You can keep your phone both vertically and horizontally on the wireless pad. Available in two colors, “couch black” and “couch brown”, we like how they have put the “couch” in colors as well to give it the feel of a furniture for your Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Buy: $89.99

Samsung DeX: DeX Station

Rumored since some time now, DeX station is finally a reality. DeX or Desktop eXperience,  allows you to use your phone as a desktop computer. What that means is when the device is connected via a DeX station to the monitor; you can use your desktop keyboard and mouse and you will have a regular computer experience for your device.

Interesting features of Samsung DeX

  • Samsung DeX features one USB C port, two USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet port.
  • You get up to 4K resolution on the monitor via the USB Type-C port.
  • Samsung DeX can also charge your device wirelessly.
  • There’s a cooling fan built into the Samsung DeX.

Buy: $149.99

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AKG earphones

Design wise the AKG earphones are similar to any other headphones, however, it is the amazing output audio quality that makes it different. Although bundled with the Galaxy S8 and S8 plus, they will also be sold separately.

In addition to AKG earphones, other Samsung headphones are also available for your Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. These include Samsung Advanced Noise-Canceling headphones and Samsung U Flex headphone or neck band headphone.

Buy: $99

Gear 360

The new mushroom shaped Gear 360 2017 model has more features than the original model of 2016.  As the name suggests, you can capture video and photos in 360 degrees and in addition to being good looking it is also more user-friendly.

With a nice grip and its own bottom stand (that makes it like a tripod, kind of), the Gear 360 is a must buy, if you love taking photos and videos.

Interesting features of Gear 360

  • It records video in true 4K at a resolution of 4096 x 2160, unlike its predecessor that didn’t support true 4K.
  • Again, unlike last year, Gear 360 is capable of live streaming and that too at 2K.
  • The new Gear 360 camera pairs with many more smartphones that include Galaxy S8, S8+ S7, S7 edge, Note5, S6 edge+, S6, S6 edge, A5/A7(2017) running Android 5.0 or later, and iPhone 7, 7+, 6S, 6S+, SE running iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Gear 360 shoots photo at 15M (5472×2736).
  • You get five viewing modes in the Samsung Gear 360 app to easily turn your video or photo into a masterpiece. These include; 360 degree view, Stretched view, round view, dual view and panoramic view.
  • It supports micro SD card (up to 256GB).
  • You get a battery life of 130mins.
  • Gear 360 is light weight and weighs only 130 g.

Check here.

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Samsung Gear VR

Entering the market slowly and steadily, the Virtual reality is changing the way how you view and interact with the world. And with the latest model, not only has the functionality of Virtual Reality headset been improved, it now comes with its own remote control for better control of apps. Also, with few design modifications, it fits perfectly now.

Interesting features of Samung Gear VR:

  • Gear VR weighs 345 grams.
  • Gear VR has a field view of 101 degree.
  • Gear VR has backward compatibility with Galaxy S8, S8+, S7, S7 edge, Note5, S6 edge+, S6, S6 edge.
  • Gear VR has one USB C port and one Micro USB port.

Check here.

Samsung S8 and S8 plus proprietary covers and cases

Like any other device, you can customize Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ with personalized covers not only from Samsung but from 3rd parties as well. That said, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ come with plenty of cool (and bizarre) official cases – each different in its own way.

Here’s a rundown of all the cases offered by Samsung:

Clear View Standing Cover or S-View Flip cover

Not only does clear view standing cover protect the screen, it also acts as an adjustable stand. And being transparent it allows you to swipe and perform functions like control calls, music, and more without opening the cover.

It’s available in six colors; violet, black, gold, silver, blue and pink.

Buy: $59.99

Clear Cover

Available only for the backside, this transparent cover protects your device while displaying the beauty of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +.

It’s available in six colors; violet, black, gold, silver, blue and pink.

Buy: $19.99

LED Wallet Cover

Not a transparent cover, but with the help of LED lights it provides necessary information and allows you to control your phone without opening the cover. Plus, the cover even acts as a mini wallet – you can store cards and cash in the internal pocket.

It’s also available in six colors; violet, black, gold, silver, blue and pink.

Buy: $59.99

Alcantara Cover

In addition to being classy and stylish, Alcantara covers are stain resistant and more durable.

Price: $44.99

2 Piece cover

This one is off the wall. It has two separate parts that are attached with magnets on the upper and lower edge of the device. It’s available in five colors; violet, black, gold, silver, and blue.

Silicone Covers

Made of non-slip silicone material, Silicone covers come in 6 beautiful colors (blue, green, pink, purple, silver and white) to protect the back side of your device.

Buy: $29.99

Keyboard Cover

This one is super cool, because not only does it act as back cover, but you can use the front side of it for texting. Yes, you have your own physical keyboard with this cover. Just snap the keyboard to the front and start texting.

Further, if you are wondering it might hide the text, what’s the fun of using it? Duh! It won’t. The content automatically moves up when the keyboard is attached to the device.

Awesome, right?

Buy: $59.99

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Samsung S8 and S8+ 3rd party covers and cases

In case you are not satisfied with the official Samsung S8 and S8+ cases, no worries, friend, there is a gang of 3rd party cases and covers waiting for you to adopt them.

Spigen cases

Launched in 2004, Spigen continues to amaze us with their sleek cases. Carrying on the legacy, Spigen has some really interesting and cool cases for your Samsung S8 and S8+.

Here are few Spigen cases:

Protective Cases:
  • Tough Armor
  • Neo Hybrid
TPU cases:
  • Rugged Armor
  • Liquid air
Wallet cases:
  • Slim Armor CS
Clear cases:
  • Ultra Hybrid
  • Liquid Crystal

Price varies from $14.99 to $34.99

You can check them here for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+

Moshi Accessories

Not only does Moshi provide fashionable cases for your beautiful S8 and S8+, they also offer an Ion Glass protector. And, since S8 and S8+ support USB type C port, Moshi offers a variety of USB C cables, like:

  • USB-C to HDMI Adapter
  • USB-C to VGA Adapter
  • USB-C Multiport Adapter

  • USB-C to USB Adapter
  • USB-C to USB Cable 3.3 ft.
  • USB-C Charge Cable

And for the cases, here’s what you will get:

  • Overture: Premium wallet case
  • Napa: Premium vegan leather case
  • Tycho: Snap-on Case
  • Vitros: Clear Case

Check them here.

Lifeproof Cases

If you have an ugly track record of breaking your phones, Lifeproof cases are a must for you. Boasting of four proofs – waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof, and drop proof (hence the name), they are available in 4 beautiful colors, two blackish – Asphalt black, wind grey, and two colorful –sunset bay teal, twilights edge purple.

Buy: $89.99

If you still are not satisfied with the available cases, there will be some other cases from Adidas, Line chat app and Buggati for Galaxy S8 and S8 +.

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Which one would you buy? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Can anyone tell whats the difference between Gear VR and Gear VR with Controller ?

  2. Okay everything looks gorgeous except for those ridiculous cases. And I recently saw a video by Michael Fisher about gear 360 and it looked fabulous. Absolutely fabulous.

  3. Okay everything looks gorgeous except for those ridiculous cases. And I recently saw a video by Michael Fisher about gear 360 and it looked fabulous. Absolutely fabulous.

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