Samsung Galaxy S9 specs already rumored, to feature 7nm chip processor

Samsung seems to be on the path of developing cutting-edge process technology to empower its next gen smartphone — the Galaxy S9. The company plans to produce 7nm chip processor in early 2018.

Dr. Heo Kuk, managing director of Samsung Semiconductor System LSI Division, cited the technology ‘challenging’ and said that Samsung Electronics has decided to introduce extreme ultraviolet exposure equipment (EUV) to produce the 7nm chip processor.

“We will maximize the advantages of EUV in the 7-nanometer process and secure competitiveness in terms of performance and power consumption,” he said during the press conference.

Once Samsung jumps in the 7nm field, the only rival it has to compete with would be TSMC. The latter expects to undergo risk production of 7nm chipsets this year, and mass production in 2018, around the same time as Samsung.

Meanwhile, with the stabilization of the 14-nanometer process, Samsung is in the diversification process of mobile, automotive, network and graphics businesses.

Galaxy S9 will be something to look out for with earlier news suggesting a Harman Kardon powered audio speaker and Exynos 9 processor in its specsheet.

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