Galaxy S9 not S8 could feature Harman Kardon powered audio speaker


Samsung has revealed that even if they consider utilizing the Audio prowess of their latest acquisition in Harman International Limited — which has a stake in well-known Audio speaker making company, Harman Kardon — it would take them 2018 to release a Galaxy S series device. So? It seems the chances of Galaxy S8 exploiting benefits of the deal are very poor, while it seems Samsung is planning to give Galaxy S9 a major boost in Audio.

That also means the Galaxy Note 8 is out of contention. Really? It takes that much time. Well, we lesser wee mortals have no idea of all that that goes behind the scenes, as to how much job needs to be done to create a speaker design using Harman Kardon’s audio tech for mobile devices — even create on if there isn’t one — and integrate it into a smartphone design of S series, we’d sit silently and look optimistically towards Samsung to get us a very better Audio experience come 2018, and Galaxy S9.

But we really thought the deal would reap huge benefits for the Galaxy S8 too.

BTW, the news comes from Samsung’s automotive division chief and senior vice president Park Jong-hwan, not the mobile business head that’s you’d have presumed. Here’s what he said.

“If we are to adopt Harman’s high-end audio technology for the Galaxy S series phone, the first model could come in 2018.”

Moreover, Samsung remains very upbeat about the deal, saying the top, top guys in corporate world, like that at Hundai’s remain excited about the deal. Samsung also revealed that they have no plans to enter car-making, but looks at the mobile integration very seriously.

So, that’s until Galaxy S9 and 2018 that you get to experience the Harman Kardon audio on your mobile phone, something that would also make it to Galaxy Note 9 too, safe to assume, unless Note 8 blows things up further.

Anwway, feed yourself some of the Galaxy S8 specs that look real to make it to official list, while the full list of Galaxy S8 specs rumors can be found here, along with the expected release date.

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