Could Samsung give Galaxy S8 audio a boost with Quad DAC support

Ah, a pre-article speak: Well, I know you would say this is a baseless article, or an article with little to base the rumor on, but well, it’s the Galaxy S8 we’re talking about, on which Samsung is looking hell-bent to make it its best creation. So, if we are not to delve into every reasonable however-tiny bit of Galaxy S8 rumor we ever wished we would jump into, then what other device we could achieve our this wish with, eh?

Samsung’s Galaxy phones have never been the ‘the best’ when you talk about Audio experience. The Galaxy S7 — which received the Nougat update as beta only today — no matter how cool a device, wasn’t completely at par with that HTC offered with 10, or LG with V20.

But given the fact that with the Galaxy S8, Samsung would leave no stone unturned its attempt to make up lost goodwill — and sales, and profit, and what-not — due to Note 7 recall and subsequent banishment, it seems every silicon of the Galaxy S8 is going under massive improvement — it’s kinda do-or-die for Samsung with the Galaxy S8, or so it seems Samsung is taking it like.

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The latest rumors from very, very trusted source has it that Samsung is looking to shake things up a for the Galaxy S8. The Galaxy S7 was not a flop by any means, so when a knowledgeable guy who is surely among the best in-the-know among the industry says something about a feature, there has to be some serious thought or energy being spent on that feature behind the scenes, which laid for the rumor to begin at all.

On this evidence, only, we think Samsung will up the game with Galaxy S8 Audio.

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No this could have to do with Galaxy S8 speakers, or Hi-Fi Quad DAC support for headphones and earphones. We think the latter is more likelier. Not because Samsung hasn’t bought a boomsound-like company yet (the company HTC bought before using its tech in and since HTC One M7), but because LG did exactly that with its V20, something the industry is loving.

So, while we cannot take it for granted that Galaxy S8 will feature Quad DAC support for the best of earphone music quality, we atleast have an idea that Samsung is working on to improve the Audio quality on Galaxy S8, which is another sign of a really great device under the making.

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