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June 15, 2019: Sprint users can now pre-order the Galaxy S10 5G, but availability begins on June 21st. As expected, the S10 5G will be limited to markets that already have Sprint 5G, namely Atlanta, Dallas, Kansas City, and Houston.

The phone can be had for a whopping $1,300, and you must be on the carriers Unlimited Premium plan that costs $80 per month.

June 13, 2019: Beginning next Monday on June 17, AT&T business customers will be able to buy the Galaxy S10 5G in the U.S. This is the first 5G phone on the nations second largest carrier, whose 5G coverage has reached about 19 cities.

In terms of pricing, the S10 5G on AT&T costs $1000 for the base model, the same price you pay for the S10+ (128GB), but the carrier says this is a limited-time offer. To take advantage of the new 5G+ speeds, businesses must be on the Business Unlimited Preferred plan. The plan starts at $90 per month for one line with AutoPay. Interestingly, AT&T will cap 5G speeds at 2Gbps for some reason.

For now, it’s unclear when every other AT&T customer will be able to buy the Galaxy S10 5G, but we do know it will be sold in Silver.

June 05, 2019: Samsung has announced a partnership with 5G game streaming service Hatch and the two now have an app called Hatch for Samsung, which is available for the Galaxy S10 5G in the U.S. via the Game Launcher.

So far, Galaxy S10 5G owners can play games like Angry Birds, Hitman GO, and Monument Valley online, although the partnership with Samsung will grant S10 5G owners a free pass to Hatch Premium for a month to enjoy more than 100 mobile games.

You don’t need to install any of these games on your Galaxy S10 5G and even better is that Hatch Premium has no in-app purchases and also includes access to Hatch Originals, among other goodies.

May 16, 2019: As promised, Verizon has started shipping the Galaxy S10 5G. You can also pick up the phone from an eligible store near you. To recall, the base model of 256GB costs $1299.99 or $54.16 per month while the 512GB variant goes for $1,399.99 or $58.33 per month for 24 months.

The S10 5G can be had in either Majestic Black or Crown Silver.

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If you thought the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is the best and most feature-packed smartphone from Samsung yet, meet the Galaxy S10 5G. This is basically the Galaxy S10 (or s10+ for that matter) on steroids.

Besides being designed with an eye on the future of mobile connectivity, the Galaxy S10 5G also bumps up a number of what are already premium specs and features that you see on the S10 and S10+, among them the display screen size, battery capacity, and most notably, the camera department.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G specs

  • 6.7-inch 19:9 QHD+ Curved Dynamic AMOLED display
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor
  • Snapdragon X50 5G modem
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB or 512GB of non-expandable storage
  • Quad-lens main camera: 12MP (OIS, Dual Pixel AF, 4K video recording, f/1.5-f/2.4 variable aperture) + 16MP (ultra-wide angle, 123 degrees, f/2.2 aperture) + 3D ToF depth sensor
  • Dual-lens front camera: 10MP (f/1.9 aperture, Dual Pixel AF) + 3D ToF depth sensor
  • 4500mAh battery
  • Android 9 Pie with One UI
  • Extras: 5G capable, Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C, 3.5mm audio jack, 25W fast wired charging, Fast wireless charging, reverse wireless charging, Wi-Fi 6, IP68 dust and water resistance, AR Emoji, in-display fingerprint scanner, face recognition, heart rate sensor, etc.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (3)

The Galaxy S10 5G picks up just about everything the S10 Plus has and improves on it. Besides the obviously bigger screen, the other major difference between the S10+ and the S10 5G edition is the camera.

While you are still getting the same three camera lenses used on the S10 Plus on the back of the S10 5G, the latter gets a fourth depth-sensing ToF sensor. With this, Samsung aims to position the S10 5G as an AR device, but for those uninterested in AR, the same sensor can be used to shoot Live Focus videos, which is a cool addition if you ask us.

The S10 5G also gets a dual-lens selfie camera like the S10+, but it swaps the second 8MP lens on the latter for the same 3D depth sensing sensor used on the back. This unit is paired to a 10MP lens that takes normal selfies. Since the Galaxy S10 5G is also getting a bigger 4500mAh battery, it also comes with support for faster 25W battery charging technology compared to the 15W fast charging tech used on the other S10 models. Fast wireless charging and reverse wireless charging also keep their place and so does the in-display fingerprint scanner.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G-2

But despite all the goodies, the device also has some or rather one notable omission – the microSD card slot. It’s a strange decision from a company that has kept faith in this feature when others ditched it a long time ago. Even more interesting is that the Galaxy S10 5G comes in two configurations that max out at 512GB storage, yet the S10+ and its multiple memory options of up to 1TB of internal storage still gets a microSD card slot.

Of course, the S10 5G should boast exceptional network speeds never seen before, but this will only be true in markets where this infrastructure is ready.


Samsung Galaxy S10 5G pricing and availability

The Korean company did confirm on-stage that the handset will first be carried by Verizon Wireless when it arrives in the U.S. The 5G handset has already been unveiled in the home country of Korea is also expected in more countries that include the UK, Australia, and a few other 5G-ready markets.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G-5

Verizon started taking pre-orders on April 25 and shipping started on May 16th. The base model of 256GB costs $1299.99 or $54.16 per month while the 512GB variant goes for $1,399.99 or $58.33 per month for 24 months. The S10 5G can be had in either Majestic Black or Crown Silver.

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Verizon’s exclusivity lasted only for a month, with AT&T and Sprint joining the party in June 2019. AT&T’s initial release was limited to business customers whereas Sprint starts shipping the device on June 21st.


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