Verizon confirms 5G plans for 30 U.S. cities in 2019

Verizon 5G service

At the Samsung Unpacked 2019 event, Verizon Wireless was on stage to confirm that the Galaxy S10 5G will be offered exclusively by the Big Red in the United States when it arrives later this year.

That wasn’t surprising at all considering the carrier has been at the forefront of pushing 5G into the market in partnership with the Korean tech giant, but what has been missing is where exactly this technology will be readily available once the Galaxy S10 5G and other 5G-ready handsets arrive.

To that effect, Verizon has announced that it will be offering 5G services in at least 30 American cities this 2019. While this is expected to be exciting news, the Big Red is still unsure of the exact names of these cities or something like that because they won’t reveal the details, although we should find out pretty soon.

Also, in a note seen by Droid Life, the carrier doesn’t go into any specifics with regards to the 5G rollout date in the said 30 cities, so well have just to wait and see what happens in future.

Other carriers are also expected to begin offering their 5G services this year, with Sprint previously making promises of a late-2019 rollout (although we might get it earlier) while AT&T is still on track to become the first to make this tech available in at least 12 U.S. cities this year.


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