Samsung Galaxy A10e update: Verizon and AT&T A10e sets receive Android 10

Boost Mobile Galaxy A10e

We have curated this special article to help you keep track of all the updates for your Samsung Galaxy A10e at Verizon and T-Mobile. Monthly security updates, major feature rollouts, Android 10 news, and everything in between β€” this is your one-stop-shop for everything related to the budget Samsung A01e smartphone. Now, without further delay, let’s get to it.

The Samsung Galaxy A10e is one of the company’s more capable budget smartphones of 2019. Selling for a retail price of $179.99, this sub-$200 phone doesn’t have anything worth drooling over. But combine its reliable hardware with Verizon Wireless’s exemplary network coverage, and you’ve got a pretty solid device on your hands. Here are the latest updates that have been released for the A10e in the US, plus the info on Android 10 related news.

Android 10

  • June 30: Verizon A10e gets Android 10
  • June 5: Android 10 for AT&T A10e is now rolling out
  • April 09: The Galaxy A10S is now receiving the Android 10 update
  • April 08: The global variant, Galaxy A10, received Android 10 update today
  • Samsung Galaxy A10e is eligible for Android 10
  • Android 10 update for A10e could come out in the second quarter of 2020
  • The global variant to get Android 10 first, Verizon and T-Mobile variants will follow
  • Follow Samsung’s Android 10 update development here

Galaxy A10e was launched in June 2019 and came with Android 9 Pie out of the box. Despite being a budget offering, Samsung is expected to allow the device at least one major Android OS update. So, the highly-anticipated upgrade to Android 10 should be on the cards.

A couple of leaks have already confirmed that Samsung is working relentlessly on Google’s latest OS for mobile devices, Android 10. Samsung hasn’t revealed an official release date yet, but we don’t expect the device to get the update before the second quarter of 2020.

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One UI 2.0

April 08: The One UI 2 update is now available for the global model, the Galaxy A10. We expect Samsung to release the same for the US-bound A10e soon.

Last year, Samsung overhauled its entire user interface, replacing the highly-criticized TouchWiz with a much more refined interface called One UI. One UI 1.0 was based on Android 9 Pie and was first launched to the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 lineup. With the S10 and Note 10, we got One UI 1.1 and One UI 1.5, respectively, but those were only subtle incremental upgrades.

One UI 2.0 will be based on Android 10, so, expect some fundamental changes alongside subtle visual tweaks.

AT&T A10e

Release Date Software Version — Changelog
05 Jun 2020 A102USQU6BTE4 — Android 10 update; May 2020 security patch (1.5GB)
22 Apr 2020 A102USQS6ATD2 — April 2020 security patch
13 Oct 2019 A102USQU2ASI7 — September 2019 security patch

Sprint A10e

Release Date Software Version — Changelog
23 Sep 2019 A102USQU1ASI1 — July 2019 security patch, bug fixes

T-Mobile A10e

Release Date Software Version — Changelog
21 Feb 2020 A102USQS5ATA7 — February 2020 security patch
13 Oct 2019 A102USQU2ASI7 — September 2019 security patch
10 Oct 2019 A102USQU2ASI7 — September 2019 security patch
15 Jul 20019 A102USQU1ASFI — June 2019 security patch

Verizon A10e

Release Date Software Version — Changelog
30 Jun 2020 A102USQS6ATC2 — Android 10 update; May 2020 security patch
27 Dec 2019 A102USQU4ASK7 — December 2019 security patch, Yahoo Play App removal
01 Oct 2019 A102USQU2ASI3 — September 2019 security patch

What’s the current software version on your Galaxy 10e?

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