Sprint could launch the 5G service by late-2019

sprint 5g

Another milestone has been achieved in the mobile space by Sprint. The US-based carrier company has announced that their 2.5GHz spectrum band has passed the Non-standalone 5G New Radio specification.

During a 3GPP(3rd Generation Partnership Project) meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, the members approved some hardware specifications for the new 5G standard. A few moments later, Sprint published a Press release announcing how they are going to bring 5G to the world.

The new specification supports bandwidths up to 100MHz, while the current 4G LTE network can do up to 20MHz. Sprint will become the largest 5G provider in the US thanks, said the press release. The carrier will prioritize mobile 5G first, and they are working with Qualcomm and Softbank to deploy 5G on a worldwide scale.

The company wrote that they plan to provide carrier services and mobile devices by late 2019. They are also working with Radio Access Network suppliers such as Samsung, Nokia, and Ericsson to provide the Sprint 2.5GHz spectrum and 5G access. Earlier this year, AT&T too had announced that they will start 5G services in 2018.

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