T-Mobile discusses 5G impact: A host of new possibilities

We’ve seen a few 5G devices been announced at MWC this year including the Galaxy S10 5G, Mi Mix 3 5G, and a few more which would be available within the next few months. While we’re busy focusing on 5G devices, for the most part, the truth is that the 5G capability of these devices won’t matter much if not for the rollout of 5G services from carriers.

T-Mobile, who revealed their 5G plans pricing earlier today, would be one of the first carriers in the U.S. to begin the rollout of the much anticipated 5G network later this year.

Now, the Magenta carrier has also released a video that discusses the huge impact 5G could have on our lives, featuring popular physicist and futurist, Michio Kaku.

How Will 5G Technology Change Everything? | T-Mobile

There’s not much technical jargon in the video but a rather clear message on how 5G would actually change the way we interact on the internet.

In the video, Michio Kaku compares the 5G revolution to that of the printing press which was another great invention which changed the world for the better.

Michio Kaku also talks about how in the near future the internet could be in your contact lens. “You will simply blink and have access to the entire storehouse of knowledge on the planet earth.”

Another interesting point made in the video is the fact that 5G isn’t only here for us to download things at way higher speeds, instead, 5G opens up a whole host of new possibilities.


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