T-Mobile reveals price of its 5G plans

T-Mobile 5G pricing

At the moment, 5G is all the rage, with every other player, be it smartphone vendors or telcos carrying their devices, wanting to be part of the action.

So far, not so many devices have been confirmed to support 5G, with the few that have been revealed set to arrive later in Q2 2019. But even so, nothing is standing in T-Mobile’s way as the carrier looks to cement its authority in the 5G space.

According to PCMag, T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray revealed that the carrier will be ready to begin offering 5G services in the first half of 2019. He also mentions that the service will roll out when phones with Snapdragon X55 5G modem will be available (current-gen 5G phones have Snapdragon X50 modem). However, similar to other players, there was no mention of exact dates.


More important during – or rather after – the conversation was the clarification of pricing for 5G plans when the service arrives. It had been rumored that the Magenta carrier will hike the prices of plans for customers who are after the improved network, but according to Ray, this will not happen at first, but the prices could be revised upwards after three or so years.

This is obviously not good news for those eying the new tech. However, it is likely that the revised prices will only affect new customers, with the current lot likely to be grandfathered at the price they paid when joining the carrier.


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