Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could pick up yet another S10 5G feature

Galaxy Note10 Quad camera

We still have several months before Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note 10, but a lot about the phone is already out here. We’ve heard that the Note 10 will borrow a leaf or more from the Galaxy S10 5G, both internally and externally.

Rumors have claimed that the Galaxy Note 10 will get a 5G variant or could be first from Samsung to go full 5G. There’s also the mention of the Note 10 coming in with the screen size and same camera configuration as the S10 5G, meaning there will be at least four lenses on the back.

Of course, we also expect huge similarities between the processing units of the Note 10 and S10 5G phones, with the microSD card slot expected to make a comeback after dropping out from the latter device.

Now, it’s emerging that the Note 10 will have a Pro variant that could pick up yet another S10 5G feature. According to notorious leaker Ice Universe, Samsung will pack a 4500mAh battery unit in its upcoming flagship phone, the same capacity found in the S10 5G.

Even though the tipster seems unsure about the support for 25W super fast charging tech that has already found its way into the midrange Galaxy A70, we don’t see a reason why Samsung wouldn’t include this tech in its best smartphone of 2019.

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Note 10 in August 2019, which is still three months away. A lot can happen between now and then.


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