Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to come in four variants, including a compact model

Galaxy Note10 Quad camera

Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy S10 in four variants and it appears that this is set to repeat with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10, which could get up to four variants as well.

The last time Samsung released more than one Note model is back with the Galaxy Note Edge, but according to reports coming from Korea, the Galaxy Note 10 will come in two sizes – a bigger 6.75-inch model and a compact 6.28-inch model.

Going by the Note’s display screen (size) standards, the latter is indeed a compact phone, but not small like the Galaxy S10e that features a 5.8-inch panel.

The report further claims that these two Galaxy Note 10 variants will be more differentiated by their network support. Apparently, both models will get two variants – an LTE variant and a 5G variant, making it a total of four Note 10 models.

To corroborate previous rumors, the latest report also points to a possible tri-lens camera on the back of the compact Note 10 and up to four lenses on the bigger model, much like the Galaxy S10 5G.

It wasn’t strange to see multiple Galaxy S10 models, but it’s not your usual dose to see the same with respect to the Galaxy Note series. That said, you might want to take this report with a grain of salt, especially since we still got plenty of time between now and the expected August 2019 release date.

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