Few details on the Galaxy Note 10 camera emerge

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 rumor

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is creating quite a buzz. Earlier today we heard about a smaller Note 10 — could be called Galaxy Note 10e – aimed at European markets. We’re now receiving news about the camera setup on the Galaxy Note 10 and it is exciting.

The Note 10 series are expected to be fitted with a rear quad camera setup, via The Bell. The first rear-facing quad camera in the world was seen in the Samsung Galaxy A9, revealed in October last year. However, the Galaxy S10 5G also features a rear quad camera, one of which is a ToF 3D depth sensor, thus more advanced setup than even the Galaxy A9, and it looks like the Note 10 will follow suit, thus featuring four cameras at the back, one of which would be a ToF one.

The smaller model in the Note 10 series will have three rear cameras instead of four. It is speculated that this smaller model will do away with the ToF (time of flight) camera, while the larger models will retain it. So, the Galaxy Note 10 might be coming out with as many as six cameras, four in the back and two in front. That’s a lot of cameras!

The camera layout is also under discussion as the A9 placed the four cameras one below the other in a vertical fashion. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G places its cameras next to each other, vertically. The quad camera setup on the larger Samsung Note 10 is expected to resemble that of the Galaxy S10 5G.

In fact, there is speculation that the Note 10 will come dressed in the Galaxy S10 5G body. On the other hand, the smaller model, perhaps the Note 10e, may have a camera layout that resembles that of the Galaxy A9, albeit with three cameras.

However, we highly doubt that Samsung would choose a Galaxy A9-like vertical layout for cameras for the smaller Note 10 while S10-like horizontal layout for bigger Note 10 sets. This destroys the consistency in design and thus Samsung may totally avoid it — after all, they have proved this already by keeping the same alignment for the S10 sets, from S10e all the way to S10 Plus and S10 5G.

The camera reveal has got us clamoring for front seats to witness the development of the Samsung Note 10. We can’t wait till it is out, hopefully, around August this year.