Verizon confirms 5G for the Galaxy Note 10

Galaxy Note 10e rumors

Verizon Wireless has just revealed that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will support 5G network.

It isn’t a surprise in any way, after all, we’ve heard plenty of rumors around this matter. However, it feels satisfying to come from Verizon as this does confirm that previous reports were right and not just mere rumors.

The Big Red is also expected to bring the Galaxy S10 5G to the country as an exclusive, but we still don’t know if it will enjoy the same privilege with the Galaxy Note 10. Even so, the latter should present a better proposition for anyone who’s already buying into the new 5G network.

While this isn’t to say the S10 5G is imperfect, we all know it’s the device that will help shape the Note 10 into the kind of flagship we expect from Samsung in the second half of the year.

Still, you can always grab the S10 5G and take advantage of the trade-in program when the Note 10 arrives later this year.


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