A major feature of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 rumored already!

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G-5

The Galaxy S10 lineup of devices was unveiled a few days ago at the Unpacked event in San Francisco and just as the rumors of the S10 gained traction since the launch of Galaxy Note 9, rumors of the next big Samsung flagship, the Galaxy Note 10 have already begun surfacing on the internet.

The upcoming Galaxy Note 10 could pack in four rear cameras (via SamMobile) as you see on the Galaxy S10 5G variant in the image above. That’s one more than the three cameras we see on the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 would most probably have a separate 5G variant as well similar to the S10 5G variant that is yet to release.

We already know the Galaxy S10 5G variant packs in four rear cameras as well which is why it’s entirely plausible for Samsung to bring over the same camera setup to another of their premium flagship. It’s being said that the Note 10 would indeed come with a set of four rear cameras and S110+ like dual front-facing cameras.

The four rear cameras could be the same or slightly improved sensors from the Galaxy S10 5G which bolsters 12MP primary and telephoto sensors, a 16MP ultra-wide angle sensor, and an hQVGA 3D depth-sensing camera.

Figuring out the 5G part is a tad more simple as it is learned that the model of the new device in the pipeline is SM-N975F. Usually, the Note devices have model numbers which end with “0”, but as this one ends with a “5”, there is a great probability we are looking at a 5G Note 10 here.

We won’t be surprised though if Samsung launches two Galaxy Note 10m handsets, one 5G (N975) and one non-5G (N970).


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