Samsung Galaxy A30 gears up for release, shows up on Wi-Fi Alliance

Samsung recently launched the new Galaxy M series in India beginning with the M10 and M20 (image above). While we expect more variants to join the duo, we also know that Samsung has other plans in regards to expanding the Galaxy A series.

Over the past weeks spanning to late 2018, we’ve seen several instances of different Galaxy A devices. First were reports about the Galaxy A70 and A90 and later came evidence pointing to a certain Galaxy A50 thanks to the Wi-Fi Alliance.

A couple of days later, we reported about the existence of a Galaxy A40, whose info we grabbed from benchmarking website Geekbench, the same platform that later gave out info on the Galaxy A20.

Now, we have details of yet another device in the upcoming Galaxy A series and it’s the missing one – the Galaxy A30. Evidence about this device has surfaced via the Wi-Fi Alliance, where it has been cleared with model number SM-A305FN.

Galaxy A30 leak

Like the Galaxy A20, A40 and A50, the Galaxy A30 has Android 9 Pie on board, but as usual with the WFA, this is the only significant info we can gather from the listing. We should know more about it pretty soon, though.

Still, the fact that the A30 has Pie preinstalled means it will enter the smartphone market after the release of the Galaxy S10, the first Samsung device expected to run the One UI skin out of the box. Samsung will launch the S10 on February 20 before pushing it into the market in March 2019.


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