Pictures of White Nexus 4 surface on Google+, looks shiny and beautiful

Google I/O is not expected to provide much in terms of new device releases except a rumored Nexus 7 upgrade, but if you’re thinking of buying a Nexus 4, you might soon have a white color variant of the smartphone to consider – Google+ user Ervin Sue has uploaded pics of the white Nexus 4, confirming its existence just two days before I/O kicks off.

This white Nexus 4 was purchased through a local “a buy and sell website,” says Sue, and is expected to be handed out to attendees at I/O as part of the hardware package that Google gives away for free every year. The sides and back of the device are entirely white, with the subtle shimmering pattern on the back still intact, though the front remains completely black along with the silver rim on the edges.

Pictures of the white Nexus 4 have been seen before, but no one was actually able to buy one up until now. LG and Google have neither confirmed nor denied the existence of this color option, but with only a handful of hours left before I/O, it’s not long before we see this beauty be officially announced. Hopefully with an upgrade in its internals as well.

What do you guys think? Who’s holding their purchase of a Nexus 4 to wait for the white color variant?

Source: Google+