PicsArt Gifs & Stickers is a dedicated Android app for, well, GIFs and Stickers

PicsArt has always been the app of choice for many people out there when they need to spice up an image by using some of the best tools available, or make a collage. The developers behind the original PicsArt app have now made PicsArt Gifs & Stickers Android app. And it does just what its moniker says, make any type of GIF or Sticker to your heart’s content, within few clicks.

With this app, you can easily make animated stickers of anything, using your imagination to create cool stuff. You wouldn’t need to depend on tutorials for the same as everything is laid out in a simple and comprehensive manner. The days of searching for the perfect GIF or Sticker are finally over, now that you can make your own custom GIF or Sticker.

With all that said, the app is still in development and may be unstable at times. The stable version of the same will soon move out of beta though, so there’s nothing to worry about.

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If you’re looking for an app to play around with, then PicsArt delivers loads of fun. Check out the link down below to download the app. The app is unreleased right now, so, it may be available only in select countries. You can try to download it from below.

→ Download PicsArt Gifs & Stickers