Official OnePlus 3 CM14.1 hit download as experimental release

The CM team quietly released the official CM14.1 ROM for the OnePlus 3, which BTW becomes the first — and only, right now — device to get an official CyanogenMod 14.1 ROM. The CM14.1 ROM is based on Android 7.0 Nougat, so if you wanted to taste the 7.1 update before OnePlus 3 got it ready for you, there is a solid CM14.1 ROM available for ya all now.

You can DOWNLOAD the OnePlus 3 CM14.1 ROM at our big CM14 page. Just check out the device list section and find the download link under the OnePlus sub-heading.

The CyanogenMod team had earlier confirmed that they won’t be releasing the CM14 ROM, which was based on Android 7.0, although CM14 is available in plenty, and would make the direct jump for official ROMs to CM14.1. Today, we got out first official Nougat ROM in OnePlus 3 CM14.1.

As you would expect, the CM14.1 ROM for OnePlus 3 comes as ‘experimental’ type right now, which is kind of normal for early releases, even from the official CM team.

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With development continuing, the ROM should enter a nightly phase, before eventually hitting the snapshot version, which is as best a release as you can get in aftermarket firmware development.

One would expect so-developer friendly devices like Nexus 5, nexus 5X and Nexus 6P to be first one to grab an official Nougat based CM14.1 ROM, but the massive community support for OnePlus 3 seems to have beaten them all good Nexus of old.

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Now that we have an official Nougat CM out, we hope more device are added to list soon enough, which should be Nexus and other OnePlus devices, followed by a bunch of old Motorola devices. Some Samsung and LG devices would make the leap to official CM14.1 too, but don’t hold your breadth for that to happen any soon.

A lot has happened recently in Nougat update front, where yesterday, Samsung released the Galaxy beta program app (APK download) to allow its users to participate in the Nougat beta update rollout, while Sony started pushing its beta Android 7.0 Nougat update for X Performance users. Motorola too already has the beta (soak test) Nougat update out for the Moto G4 and Z Droid, so this leaves us with LG and HTC among the major Android OEMs of old to yet to come with the Nougat update, in beta or otherwise.

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