Numberle Unblocked: 7 Ways to Bypass Numberle at Work or School

Made for number geeks around the world, Numberle is an equation guessing game that makes the leap from words to numbers to give your brain a workout session, every time. Improving upon the already popular Nerdle, Numberle has caught up with other widely popular Wordle spin-offs in no time.

However, just like Heardle and Wordle, you may be having trouble trying to access Numberle. In that case, worry not because we’ve prepared you all the ways you can tackle this issue and get Numberle up and running.

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Where can you play Numberle?

Players familiar with other endlessly creative Wordle clones are probably aware of the fact that most of these spin-offs don’t have an official app. In fact, the only way to play Numberle is from its official website – You can either click on this address or enter it your web browser’s address bar and the game’s puzzle will open up automatically. 

Why is Numberle blocked for you?

Numberle is a browser-based game that can be played only from its website. But if you cannot load the Numberle homepage, it could be because the website could have been blocked, at the following 2 levels:

  1. Your computer
  2. ISP/Government (geo-block)

However, since the chance of your computer blocking Numberle’s website using third-party software or browser options is highly unlikely, the specific term that deserves our attention is a geo-block. A geo-blocked website might look like the following picture.

As the name suggests, a geo-block is a restriction imposed upon a user’s ability to access content on the internet depending upon their geographical location. Broadly speaking, the reasons why a website might be geo-blocked in your location can be one of the following:

  1. Licensing issues
  2. Copyright issues
  3. Ethical issues (Sports gambling)
  4. URLs blocked by the government (The Great Firewall of China)
  5. Local restrictions (Schools, colleges, workplace)

All of the above-mentioned instances of geo-blocking use your IP address to deduce your location and restrict your access to the website that happens to be on the list of blocked web addresses.

There have also been instances where Wordle has also been blocked by certain organizations like workplaces and schools. That’s because some institutions block a few websites to avoid distractions for workers and students and Wordle and Numberle might have been included in this list of websites. 

But there is light at the end of the tunnel and the following list of methods may help you get back to playing Numberle even if it’s blocked intentionally on a network. 

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How to unblock Numberle

If you’re encountering problems while trying to play Numberle, these methods should be enough to get the game up and running. 

Method #1: Save Numberle’s webpage to your desktop

Numberle, like Wordle, is a web-based game and everything you do on the website stays on your device’s web browser. The game’s daily puzzles and answers run solely on your desktop browser. Because of this, you can save a copy of Numberle’s puzzles and run it for a while without going to every time and even without an active internet connection. 

You can save a copy of Numberle along with a bunch of puzzles by simply saving the Numberle webpage in .HTML format. When you do that, you don’t just get to play the default 8-length equation but also other equations of different sizes (from 5 to 12 symbols). 

To save an offline version of Numberle, first, connect your computer or phone to a working wireless network where the Numberle homepage opens. If Numberle is blocked on your school or workplace’s network, connect to another network (for eg., at home or a friend’s place) and then save the webpage using the following instructions. 

Once you’re connected to an alternate network, go to on any web browser.  When the website loads completely, right-click anywhere on the page, select Save page as, and then save the webpage in HTML format. 

Once saved, you can open this HTML file and Numberle’s puzzles will now be loaded onto your web browser, even without an internet connection.

Method #2: Connect to your phone’s network

If you cannot use your Wi-Fi connection to open the Numberle website, you can unblock it by connecting your desktop or phone to your phone’s cellular network. For users who often play the daily puzzle on their phones, switching from Wi-Fi to a cellular network is pretty easy. To switch to cellular data, 

  • On iOS: Launch Control Center and tap on the Mobile Data icon (on the right side of the Airplane mode icon) until it turns green. You can also turn it on by going to Settings > Mobile Data and enabling the Mobile Data toggle
  • On Android: Launch Quick Settings by swiping down on your Home Screen and turning on the toggle adjacent to your cellular data provider. You can also turn it on by going to Settings > Network and internet > your network and enabling the Mobile Data toggle

However, if you tend to play Numberle on a desktop, you can connect it to your phone’s mobile hotspot from your computer’s Wi-Fi settings. To turn on the mobile hotspot on your phone:

  • On iOS: Launch Control Center and tap and hold on any network icons (Airplane mode, Mobile Data, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth). In the overflow menu that appears, enable the Personal Hotspot option. Alternatively, you can enable it by going to Settings > Personal Hotspot and enabling Allow Others to Join
  • On Android: Launch Quick Settings by swiping down on your Home Screen and tapping on the Hotspot bubble. You can also turn on the mobile hotspot by going to Settings > Network and internet > Hotspot and tethering > Wi-Fi hotspot and enabling the Use Wi-Fi hotspot toggle. 

You can now check if Numberle is accessible on your device by going to the game’s homepage. 

Method #3: Clear site cookies from Numberle

If the Numberle site isn’t loading up on your device and you think it’s not the work of your organization, then the issue may have something to do with the site cookies that Numberle might have saved on your computer. A similar issue was reported by Wordle players as the game’s webpage was inaccessible because of cookies that somehow prevented puzzles from loading up. If you think you’re facing a similar issue, you can clear cookies from within your web browser. 

Note: Clearing Numberle cookies may remove your existing streaks and stats from your browser, so do it only when no other solution works out.

To clear site cookies, you can check out our in-depth guide for doing it on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. The instructions are more or less similar if you use any other web browser or one on iOS or a desktop.

Method #4: Switch to a VPN service

One of the most convenient ways of bypassing a geo-block is by using a VPN. As most readers are already aware, a VPN is capable of redirecting your IP address to a new, remote server location. We recommend using paid VPN apps for this as they offer you more safety and privacy, but there are a bunch of VPN apps on the Play Store and App Store that should get Numberle up and running on your network. 

Among free services, we found Urban VPN to be useful to unblock Numberle and you can use its app on both iOS and Android as well as on desktops. 

If you want something more reliable and with more number of remote servers, feel free to check out the following list:

1: ProtonVPN: Private, Secure VPN

Download: iOS | Android | PC | Mac

2: Turbo VPN Private Browser

Download: iOS | Android | PC | Mac

3: NordVPN: VPN Fast & Secure

Download: iOS | Android | PC | Mac

4: Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN

Download: iOS | Android | PC | Mac

5: HotspotShield VPN & Wifi Proxy

Download: iOS | Android | PC | Mac

6: ExpressVPN

Download: iOS | Android | PC | Mac

7: Surfshark VPN

Download: iOS | Android | PC | Mac

Method #5: Reach out to your workplace or school’s network administrator

If you can’t make Numberle work with any of the above solutions, then it’s very likely that the network you’re connected to at your school or workplace is the one that’s blocking external websites including Numberle. The reason for this could be because the organization has strict network rules, wants employees or students to remain undistracted, and wants to protect everyone’s user data from external factors. In such cases, you may get in touch with your organization’s network administrator and request them to unblock Numberle. 

Method #6: Check out Nerdle

Wordle has inspired a bunch of spinoffs but if there’s one version that has stood popular among puzzle nerds, that’s Nerdle. The math game started as a puzzle where you solve an 8-character equation with numbers in under 6 attempts. If you liked Numberle, then you wouldn’t find Nerdle all that different as it also lets you test your arithmetic skills in multiple ways. There’s a classic Nerdle game where you guess the 8-character equation but the game’s creators have also released other variations like Mini Nerdle, Speed NerdleInstant Nerdle, and Pro Nerdle all of which are equally fun to spend your time. 

Method #7: Try other Wordle alternatives

If math puzzles aren’t the only things you’re interested in, you’d be happy to know that Wordle hasn’t just inspired math games but there are a handful of other alternate puzzle games that you can play. In case you haven’t tried them, the following link has a list of all the Wordle spin-offs that you can play from categories you may be interested in ranging from words, sports, math, to music, celebrities, and more. 

Wordle Variants and Spinoffs: 76 Games Like Wordle to Play

How to play Numberle again

What makes Numberle great is that you can play a brand new equation immediately after you’ve finished your current one. Unlike Wordle which offers daily challenges, Numberle lets users play more challenges in one go, as many times as you want. After successfully guessing the equation, you can always click on Restart to play another game of Numberle.

Alternatively, you can refresh your web browser to play Numberle again with another equation. 

Besides that, Numberle also lets you play more challenges by changing the size of the equation. If you’ve completed the default 6×8 grid and don’t find it challenging, you can choose another “Equation Length” to guess solutions that may include 5 to 12 symbols in length. To do that, open Numberle, click on the cogwheel icon at the top, and select your desired Equation length

Does Numberle require location access?

No, when you open Numberle, it neither asks for your location nor does it need it to load challenges on your screen. The game can show you puzzles without needing access to your location and if you’re having trouble loading the website, it’s probably your network that may be the culprit. 

Useful Numberle resources:

Beyond the custom mode provided in Numberle, the similarity between Nerdle and Numberle is undeniable, and consequently, we think the key to mastering Numberle lies on the same path as Nerdle.

Here’s a list of tips, tricks, and strategies that we believe will help you get the most out of your equation-guessing experience.

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The easiest way of understanding anything is by questioning yourself and reading and learning from the questions asked by others. Keeping that in mind, we compiled a concise list of frequently asked questions that should help you get a head start. So, let’s get started.

Does denying location in a web browser unlock Numberle?

Since Numberle does not require location access, denying location in a web browser will not affect unblocking Numberle.

Is using a VPN to unblock Numberle safe?

Yes, in most cases. Using VPN services from reliable and verified sources is completely safe as they protect your IP address by keeping it anonymous and have security features that make your internet session safe from attacks.

What should I do if my VPN is not working?

If your VPN is not working, likely, the remote server location chosen by you is also geo-blocked. In that case, you should change the location and try again.

However, if that also doesn’t work, changing the VPN should resolve your issues. Make sure you use a better, more reliable VPN. Feel free to refer to the list of VPN services mentioned in this guide itself.

Is Numberle a daily game?

No. Numberle is not a daily game. Players from around the world don’t get to guess the same equation every day and compare their results. Instead, players can play as many equations as they want, every day.

What is the appropriate equation length in Numberle?

Numberle allows you to customize the equation length, from 5 to 12. However, we found that 8, the default option, is the perfect sweet spot. 

Needless to say that 5 being the easiest one is also no fun, while 12 being the hardest one goes a bit too far. Though, solving equations of length 5 but more of them can be as fun as figuring out one equation of the longest permissible length, 12.

Does Numberle have an iOS or Android app?

No. Numberle doesn’t have an iOS or Android app. However, you can always create a home screen shortcut for Numberle’s website and use it as an app icon. To create a Numberle app on your iOS or Android app, you can refer to the following article.

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Does increasing equation length also increase the number of tries?

No. Increasing or decreasing equation length in Numberle does not change the number of tries you get for solving them. In fact, the number of tries is fixed at 6.

This is essentially the way Numberle can increase the difficulty level, i.e. by increasing the equation length but keeping the number of tries fixed at 6.

Is Numberle more difficult than Nerdle?

No. The default mode for both Numberle and Nerdle has an equation length of 8 and the number of tries fixed at 6. That makes the default mode for Numberle and the classic mode of Nerdle equally difficult.

However, Numberle has the option to increase the equation length, thus giving you a doorway to make it more difficult than Nerdle.

Are Nerdle and Numberle made by the same creators?

No. Nerdle and Numberle are different games made by different creators.

That takes us to the end of the article. We hope this article helped you unblock Numberle at your location in a few easy steps. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.


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