Wordle Unblocked: 7 Ways to Unblock Wordle

Wordle has been on the news since the start of the year and if you have played the popular puzzle, you’d know how hard it is to turn away from it once you’re hooked. For some, Wordle has taken up a new spot in their daily morning routine while others enjoy it in the middle of work or whenever they could find spare time. 

Unfortunately, for some users, playing Wordle isn’t the only challenging part but making it load up on their desktops or phones has been. But why doesn’t the Wordle webpage load up and why can’t you play it? Is it blocked by any means? That’s what we’re going to explain in this post and with that, we’ll also try to provide you with a way to get it back up and running so you don’t miss any future puzzles. 

Why is Wordle blocked for you?

While loading up Wordle on a web browser shouldn’t be a problem for many, there could be a couple of reasons why you might be facing this issue. If you can play Wordle at your house but are struggling to get it working at your workplace or school, the easiest explanation to this is that your organization may have blocked the game’s domain or website on its entire network. 

Although it’s possible that the game may have been manually banned on an organization’s network, there’s also a possibility that this has to do with Wordle’s recent switch to the nytimes.com website from the previous powerlanguage.co.uk URL. This switch follows Wordle’s acquisition by The New York Times which the publication would be integrated into its collection of daily word games. 

Since some offices and schools block a few websites to avoid distractions for workers and students, there’s a chance that your institution could have banned nytimes.com because Wordle is not the only game this website hosts (there’s also Spelling Bee, Letter Box, etc.).

Another reason why this could be happening to you is that the New York Times leaves some cookies in your web browser. Currently, there appears to be some issue with these cookies, particularly if you’re an NYT subscriber. In that case, Method #2 from the guide below should help Wordle load up again on your device.  

For others, you can take a look at all the other methods listed below. 

Wordle Unblocked: How to unblock Wordle in 7 ways

If you can’t get Wordle to work at your school or office, the following methods should be enough to get the game up and running. 

Method #1: Save Wordle’s webpage to your desktop

In case you didn’t know, Wordle is a web-based game and everything you do on the website stays on your device’s web browser. Since the daily puzzles and their answers run entirely on your web browser, you can actually save a copy of the game now and run it for years without even visiting the Wordle page every day. This can be done by simply saving the Wordle webpage in .HTML format and you should then be able to play the original Wordle game every day without even connecting to the internet. 

If you wish to keep an offline version of Wordle saved on your computer that you can use anywhere and anytime, you should follow the in-depth guide we’ve prepared in the link below. Not only is it 100% functional, but you could also use the saved webpage on any web browser and keep your Wordle stats intact. 

How to Save the all Wordle Games offline

Note: If you cannot load the Wordle webpage on your desktop when at school or office, then try to download it when you are home or wherever the page is accessible. You only need this page to load up once and then you can save an offline version of it to play anytime in the future, including where you are blocked from playing. 

Method #2: Clear site cookies from Wordle

If your organization isn’t intentionally blocking Wordle on its network, the main culprit behind Wordle not working could be the cookies that are saved from New York Times on your web browser. Many users have complained that the Wordle webpage shows a blank screen on their devices, regardless of being on a desktop or a phone. As it turns out, Wordle’s new host nytimes.com leaves some cookies on users’ web browsers that are somehow preventing the game from getting loaded. 

To make sure Wordle runs smoothly again, you will have to clear the cookies that nytimes.com leaves on your device. While you’re at it, you need to ensure that you don’t delete any cookies of your old Wordle cookies (the ones saved under powerlanguage.co.uk); otherwise, you’ll lose all of your previous scores and stats from previous Wordle puzzles

If you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to play Wordle, you can check out our in-depth guide to clear an individual website’s cookies on Chrome, Edge, and Opera. The instructions are more or less similar if you’re using any other web browser or one on iOS or a desktop.

Method #3: Connect to your phone’s network

If none of the above methods work in your favor, there’s an easier way to unblock Wordle and it involves connecting to another network that you’d otherwise use on your phone. If you generally play Wordle on your phone and it isn’t working on a Wi-Fi network, you can try switching the internet connection to that of your cellular network. To switch to cellular data, 

  • On iOS: Launch Control Center and tap on the Mobile Data icon (on the right side of the Airplane mode icon) until it turns green. You can also turn it on by going to Settings > Mobile Data and enabling the Mobile Data toggle
  • On Android: Launch Quick Settings by swiping down on your Home Screen and turning on the toggle adjacent to your cellular data provider. You can also turn it on by going to Settings > Network and internet > your network and enabling the Mobile Data toggle

If you wish to play Wordle on your desktop, try connecting it to your phone’s mobile hotspot from your device’s Wi-Fi settings.

You can create a mobile hotspot on your smartphone by following these steps:

  • On iOS: Launch Control Center and tap and hold on any network icons (Airplane mode, Mobile Data, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth). In the overflow menu that appears, enable the Personal Hotspot option. Alternatively, you can enable it by going to Settings > Personal Hotspot and enabling Allow Others to Join
  • On Android: Launch Quick Settings by swiping down on your Home Screen and tapping on the Hotspot bubble. You can also turn on the mobile hotspot by going to Settings > Network and internet > Hotspot and tethering > Wi-Fi hotspot and enabling the Use Wi-Fi hotspot toggle. 

Once created, you can connect to the mobile hotspot on your Windows or Mac desktop. 

Method #4: Switch to a VPN service

When a website or service is blocked on a network, switching to a VPN connection may come in handy as it lets you bypass your network’s restrictions with ease. While we recommend using paid VPN services as they offer you more safety and privacy, there are a bunch of VPN apps on the Play Store and App Store that may do the job when it comes to playing a simple game like Wordle. Before you make a move on any of the apps, make sure it’s well established and comes from a known developer, and ensure your data is in safe hands. 

Method #5: Play older wordle puzzles

It’s okay if you cannot access Wordle on nytimes.com as there are a bunch of other websites that let you play the same puzzles you get on Wordle. In addition to today’s puzzles, you can check out previous challenges that you may have missed out on, all the way back to June 2021, when Wordle was created. To play older Wordle puzzles, you can follow any of the methods listed in the post linked below. 

6 Ways to Play Old Wordle Puzzles

Method #6: Try any of the 60+ Wordle alternatives

Besides being an addiction for many, Wordle has inspired others to create other alternatives that range from spinoffs to downright divergent variants. In case you haven’t tried your hands on any of them, there’s a huge list of Wordle spin-offs that are directly inspired by the game and you can choose to play one from a category you’re interested in like words, math, sports, music, celebrities, or even other games. 

Wordle Variants and Spinoffs: 67 Games Like Wordle to Play

Method #7: Consult your school/workplace’s network administrator

If none of these solutions worked in your favor, it basically means that your school’s or office’s network has blocked a bunch of external websites, not just Wordle’s nytimes.com webpage. This approach could have been laid out for minimizing any kind of distraction that you may encounter when connected to the organization’s network and to also safeguard the user data of everyone else in the school or workplace.

If you think you have a case for you, you can reach out to your organization’s network administrator and request them to unblock Wordle. In case that doesn’t work, you can Methods #1 and #3 together to save the Wordle webpage after connecting your device to your cellular network. 

That’s all you need to know about unblocking Wordle. 


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