How to Play Instant Nerdle

Nerdle has been the new hit Wordle skew that has been taking math fans around the world by storm. While Wordle focuses on words, Nerdle focuses on equations, where you have to guess either an 8 or 6 character equation that is today’s solution.

Nerdle is quite fun and a great way to give your math skills a good revision if you haven’t done math in a while. But what happens when you solve today’s Nerdle? Well, you can jump on instant Nerdle! Let’s find out more about them. 

What is instant Nerdle?

instant Nerdle is a new way to enjoy Nerdle on social media platforms. You can also save instant Nerdle offline that you can play later and check your answers against the ones posted online.

Official social media handles from the creator of Nerdle share instant Nerdle on the official pages where you can join in on the fun. Follow the guide below to help you along with the process. 

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How to play instant Nerdle

You will need either a Facebook account or a Twitter account to join in on instant Nerdle. We recommend you log in to the same whether on your desktop or mobile device to make the process a tad bit easier. Follow the guide below to get you started. 

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Step-by-step guide

Here’s how you can play instant Wordle. Use either of the sections below depending on your preferred social media platform. 

On Facebook

Visit the link above and you will be taken to the official Facebook page for Nerdle. The news feed should now be filled with instant Nerdle puzzles. Pick a puzzle and click on the image to open it on your screen. 

Now the idea is to solve the equation on your screen using Nerdle rules. If you are unfamiliar with Nerdle, then you need to create an equation using the following operators and numbers mentioned below. 

  •  1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,+,-,*,/

In Nerdle, you make your guesses and use the feedback from your guessed numbers and operators to guess the next equation and solve the daily puzzle. Green signifies a correct number or operator in the correct position, magenta signifies a correct number or operator in the wrong position and black signifies a number or operator not present in today’s solution.

But instant Nerdle already has half the work done for you. As you can see you have a mix of numbers and operators correctly and wrongly placed. You need to simply rearrange them to solve today’s equation. 

You can now check your answer against the ones posted in the comments section and post yours as well. 

That’s how you can play instant Nerdle on Facebook.

On Twitter

Visit the link above and you will be taken to the official Twitter page for Nerdle. Scroll the page to find Instant Nerdle of the day and click on the image to open it.

As discussed above, you need to now rearrange the positions in the given equation to solve it. Standard Nerdle rules apply which means that green numbers and operators are correct and in the correct position, magenta ones are in the wrong position but present in the solution and black ones are not in the equation at all.

While Instant Nerdle will be significantly harder if black characters or numbers were included, the game could end up adding them in the future.

Once you have solved the equation, you can retweet the solution to the current post and compare it against other users playing instant Nerdle. 

And that’s how you can play instant Nerdle on Twitter. 

Save instant Nerdle offline

You can easily save instant Nerdle offline by downloading the images to your local storage. Sadly, only previous Nerdle games are available and the game seems to use server-generated data for daily puzzles.

This means that there aren’t tons of instant Nerdle puzzles or even Nerdle puzzles to choose from. You can only play past instant Nerdle and you can use the links below to find them all in the photos posted by Nerdle’s official social media handles. 

For Facebook

If you’re on Facebook, you can click on the ‘3-dot’ icon beside the page’s username and select ‘Download’.

The image will be now be downloaded to your local storage.

For Twitter

Twitter users can simply right-click on the image and save it to their local storage once it is open on your screen.

Select ‘Save image as’ to download and save it to the desired location. 

How to play previous instant Nerdle

You can use the links below to open the photos section for the respective official Nerdle social media handles. This will allow you to view and play all instant Nerdle puzzles published to date. 

How many puzzles do you get a day?

You only get a single instant Nerdle a day just like Nerdle and Wordle. You can, however, use the links above to play previous instant Nerdle puzzles and continue the fun. 

We hope you were able to get familiar with instant Nerdle using the post above. If you face any issues or have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below.


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