When Does Nerdle Reset? How to Find the Remaining Time for the Next Game?

Inspired by Wordle, Nerdle is a puzzle game put together by math fans Richard and Imogen Mann. Similar to the daily word game that has caught the web by storm, Nerdle challenges players with a math equation that users need to guess within 6 tries.

Each player can only play one challenge a day and this challenge is common for anyone who plays the puzzle on the same day. This means, regardless of whether you have the game open across various web browsers, the daily challenge will be the same. 

If you’ve already completed today’s Nerdle and are wondering when exactly the next puzzle comes out, this post should help you clear things up. 

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When does Nerdle reset?

Like Wordle, makers of Nerdle have made sure that you can only play the game once today and be done with it for the rest of the day. Now that you know that it can be played once every 24 hours, you may be wondering when exactly does the daily math challenge reset? The creators of the game have confirmed that Nerdle resets every midnight (i.e., 12 AM) GMT

If you’re wondering when exactly Nerdle resets in your region, the following data should help you get your next Nerdle puzzle right on time. 

  • United States
    • Atlantic Standard Time (AST) – 8 PM
    • Eastern Standard Time (EST) – 7 PM
    • Central Standard Time (CST) – 6 PM
    • Mountain Standard Time (MST) – 5PM
    • Pacific Standard Time (PST) – 4 PM
    • Alaskan Standard Time (AKST) – 
    • Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HST) – 3 PM
    • Samoa Standard time (UTC-11) – 1 PM
    • Chamorro Standard Time (ChST) – 10 AM
  • Europe 
    • Azores Time (AZOT) – 11 PM
    • Western European Time (WET) – 12 AM
    • Central European Time (CET) – 1 AM
    • Eastern European Time (EET) – 2 AM
    • Moscow Time (MSK) – 3 AM
  • Australia 
    • Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) – 10 AM
    • Australian Central Standard Time (ACST) – 9:30 AM
    • Australian Western Time (AWST) – 8 AM
  • India
    • India Standard Time (IST) – 5:30 AM

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Nerdle Reset Timer: How to find the remaining time for your next puzzle

While it was not available at the start, creators of Nerdle have recently added a Reset Timer to the game which allows you to see the time you’ll have to wait for the next Nerdle puzzle to be available. This means, like on Wordle, Nerdle players can also look at the reset timer after completing the puzzle without referring to their respective time according to GMT.

In order to find the remaining time for the next puzzle, you need to first complete today’s Nerdle. If you’ve already solved it, go to Nerdlegame.com and click on the Share icon at the top.

This will load your Nerdle score below which you should be able to see the Reset timer. It should read “Next puzzle in <remaining time>”.

You can come back to this webpage after this time to play the next Nerdle puzzle.  

Clicking the share icon without completing the puzzle won’t show you the remaining time but a share link to the game on your screen. 

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Can Nerdle be reset at local time?

If you have played Wordle before, you would know that you’ll get your daily word puzzle at midnight 12 AM local time. Nerdle, however, resets once every 24 hours at midnight (i.e., 12 AM) GMT. This means, if you were in Aukland (NZ) and you played a game of Nerdle at 1:00 PM local time, you will have to wait another 24 hours to play it again instead of just 11 hours, had the game been programmed to reset at local time. 

When asked whether resetting at a local time can be implemented, the creators answered (on Reddit) that they’ll look into it. Since the math game is relatively new, it may take some time for this to be taken into consideration. For now, if you’re waiting for Nerdle to reset, you’ll have to stick to 12 AM GMT to get the new daily challenge. 

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Can I play more than one Nerdle puzzle on the same day?

Nerdle has been designed in a similar fashion to that of Wordle and you can only play it once every day. Even if you open Nerdle on another web browser, it won’t do you any good as it’s the same challenge that you may have played previously. This challenge is reset only once every 24 hours at 12 AM GMT. 

In case you can’t wait that long, you can play a Nerdle puzzle from a previous date. For example, if you wish to play the Nerdle puzzle from 29th January 2022, you can do that by going to “nerdlegame.com/20220129” where the last 8-digits are of the date written in the year-month-date order. For now, you can play Nerdle from as far as Jan 22, 2022, which you can quickly access from here

That’s all you need to know about when the Nerdle game resets every day. 


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