No Dark mode in Android P: Google

Google loves when its customers voice their opinion about their products and services, but it’s a different story when it comes to implementing them. The same goes for the highly-anticipated Dark Mode that Android users have been requesting since the olden days.

For those who have been following the Issue Tracker thread for the Dark Mode on Android, it was a surprise to see the following message pop up:

“Our engineering team has added this feature. It will be available in a future Android release.”

As you’d expect, the faces of Android users lit up like a Christmas tree, as they expected that native Dark Mode would finally be introduced with the upcoming Android P version. Alas, another Google rep announced that there was a miscommunication with the team that handles AOSP issues.

The support representative did mention that Google plans to add a night mode UI toggle to the Developer options, which will make it easier for developers to create and test apps that implement night mode.”

The hype may have built up to nothing, but this might just convince Google to actually bring the feature in the Android P update this year.

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